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As expected, the questions were: “My apologetics professor is a former U.S. Marshal?” “What are the consequences if my homework is late or if I fail the class?” “Better plea bargain,” was my response. Ross Hickling approached his apologetics class this spring as he would any case handed to him: what does the forensic evidence say? For nine weeks he and his students sifted carefully through the evidence for Christianity. Yes, it pushed the class places they had never been and overwhelmed them as they confronted the truth. But when it was all done, their response was the same as my son’s exclamation after he had overcome some big, exciting challenge, “Let’s do it again, Daddy!” “Ross, I think they got it! Let’s do it again.” Job well done, my friend. Frank Scurry is the President of Carolina Graduate School of Divinity in Greensboro, NC



I learned so much during the apologetics class! Thank you. I came into the class feeling very gun-shy about how to defend my faith to athiests, but I left the class empowered to stand up for what I believe. I have a better grasp on what "good evidence" is and how to explain it to people who don't get it.

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My middle school students raved about Mr. Hickling's ability to show them practical ways to defend their faith! They came back to my classes filled with ideas of how to speak with unsaved family members and friends about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I highly recommend Mr. Hickling as an inspirational speaker for any middle school or youth group! Michelle is a 7th grade teacher at Norfolk Christian Middle School.




Few people in the apologetics field are better equipped handle evidence like Ross Hickling. Ross hasn't just studied it in the abstract while sitting in a classroom, his years of law enforcement training have placed him in a unique situation to truly know what evidence is and how to present it with clarity to others. If you want someone to help you understand the evidence for the Christian faith, then I would highly recommend Ross as that person to help you "Shield Your Faith." Shawn White is the founder of Smart Faith (

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We recently had Ross Hickling come speak at one of our chapels for our high school students and his love for truth, students, and the gospel were evident from the start. Ross clearly knew the evidence behind the Christian faith and was able to discuss it in a way with our students that I believe strengthened their faith. We will certainly be inviting him back in the future to share with our students! - David Colonna, High School Apologetics teacher at Norfolk Christian High School


Ross' teaching is thoroughly researched. The class he taught helped me to see that anyone led to read the Word can find the way, the truth and the life. This kind of teaching helps to take the "apology" out of apologetics. So, Ross helped me to understand that not only should we not have to "apologize" for the core truths of Christianity, but also that there are great reasons that we have for faith in Jesus Christ, and we can rely upon the Bible as God's words to us today.

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