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Ross Hickling

Founder of Shield Your Faith


Early Influences in My Life 


In my early years, I was influenced by my father who made a  commitment to Jesus Christ in 1973. After retiring from the military, Dad began to work for the Freedom Council, a Christian think tank where he was exposed to Christian scholars and leaders. Dad would bring books home from a wide variety of thinkers/writers that I would read with great interest. Dad helped launch my interest in the intersection of Christianity with modern culture.  

Other early influences were my in-laws, LeRoy and Peggy Jones. They encouraged me to join with them and others in short-term international Christian ministry ventures. In addition to Mom and Pop Jones, Hazel Sasser was another mentor who drew me into ministry at an early  age.  


Impact of my Law Enforcement Career on My Worldview 

One of the first things that I realized when working as a young police officer/detective was how  the teachings of the Bible made so much sense in the “real world.” From my observations  when working “the street,” I believed the Bible had to be the inspired Word of God as heeding its principles led to a balanced, stable life. After a number of years making cases and presenting them in court, I began to realize the core Christian concepts of the Christian faith were actually supported by the principles of evidence I employed in my career! 

Specialized Training 


Realizing my time chasing fugitives was limited, I began my scholarly training at the midpoint of my career with the U.S. Marshals which ended three years after my retirement (see my curriculum vitae). After approximately 14 years, my scholarly research culminated when I completed my PhD Thesis in 2017.  

Teaching Opportunities 


In addition to teaching youth groups, college groups, and conference classes, I am currently engaged in teaching missiology/apologetics courses at Charlotte Theological Seminary and research classes at Liberty University (Online).  

Ross Transitions from the USMS to Shield Your Faith

It was a privilege to have served with the U.S. Marshals Service, but I'm  thankful for this great ministry opportunity with Shield Your Faith!

PhD Graduation
LIberty U Prof Chris Jones
Surry County Sheriffs Office
Newport News Police VA AWARDS CEREMONY
South African Police Meeting
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