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Teen Camps and Events

Of all groups, teens are the most susceptible to skeptical attack while in high school or on college campuses. It is well known that many secular college  professors/teachers are openly hostile to the Christian faith and often denigrate it. In a  youth ministry setting, Ross will provide teens with the tools they need to equip  themselves for meaningful ministry in their present-day context. A youth camp presentation can be custom designed for your youth group, or a CSI Boot Camp can be  presented as well.

Personal Testimony

Ross will share his testimony starting from his early years and continuing through his law enforcement career. Through times of struggle and challenge, God remained  faithful to Ross. Ross will share about God’s faithful provision through his life. He will also  challenge your group to “start an apologetics movement in your personal life/church.

Men’s Ministry
Ross will come to your men’s group gathering and share about greater passion in your relationship with Jesus Christ and discuss topics that are important to men to include marital relationships, integrity at work, educating your family members on how to defend themselves from skeptical attacks, and what true success in life is really all about.

Special Emphasis Meetings

Ross will create a series of messages for your special emphasis meetings that will equip/inspire your group to “start a movement.”


Interested in having Shield Your Faith with Ross Hickling at your next conference, event, or gathering?

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