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First Blog

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Thanks for visiting my blog site. This is a place where I will share my views on different subjects that are of interest to me. As stated in other parts of the website, my blogs will mostly deal with the intersection of Christian belief and modern culture. I have been interested in this area in recent years as I have seen in my lifetime a turn from traditional principles which I believe were central to the formation of our great country and yes, Western society in general. I see this turn as an erosion of the strong foundations of American culture that were based upon principles derived from the Bible. I do not think that my little blog will change the world. Rather, hopefully it will be a place where folks can come to and dialogue about issues facing all of us and what Scripture, logic, philosophy, and history may have to say on any given topic.

As the rest of my website attests to, I believe that there are great reasons to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Not that this can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, as in a trial. After all, the New Testament affirms that by “grace you have been saved through faith [in Jesus Christ] (Ephesians 2:8).” However, there are great reasons to believe that Jesus Christ was and is what has been attested to in the New Testament narratives. These reasons come from the New Testament writings themselves as well as from a chorus of historical characters who speak about Jesus.

As we exchange ideas, I fully expect that there will be a divergence of views shared here that I look forward to and am sure I will learn from. Of course, I expect that we will disagree from time to time. I only ask that we stay away from personal attacks and try to stick to the topic at hand. I would also ask that our blog entries not be excessively long where the entry rivals the page count of War and Peace. So, if we could keep the entries reasonable in length and stay on topic, it would be appreciated. I look forward to our exchanges and hope that they will be beneficial to all who participate.


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