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Dawkins: Giving Up God... Getting Freedom?

I would say, as an opening line, that from what I have read or heard from Dr. Richard Dawkins, we would probably never agree on anything unless it might be a favorite dish or say a travel destination. Maybe we would like to drive the same type of car or appreciate a particular work of art? So, when I recently viewed the conversation between Dawkins and Ben Stein that is included in the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, I was reminded again how differently Dawkins and I view the world.

In this interview, Dawkins commented on how he has heard from people who have given up religion, that they “feel a great sense of release and freedom.” As I began ruminating on Dawkins comments, it made me think about the possibility of giving up religion. What if I gave up religion (more specifically, Christianity)? What would I be freed from? Here is a partial list:

1) a perfect example of how not to live a self absorbed life (Jesus).

2) the real key to happiness (putting others before yourself).

3) great advice on how to deal with people/life (Bible).

4) the reality that there is more to our existence than just the physical world.

5) comfort when experiencing pain/loss.

6) how to really have fun without chemicals, without carnal indulgence, and without having it at the expense of others.

7) loving others not because of what they can do for me but because they have great worth as creations of God.

8) receiving guidance/assurance when facing the crises of life.

9) the knowledge that there is a life full of utter contentment after death when in relationship with God.

10) Knowing that you have been forgiven at a great price and that in turn, you can forgive others through God’s own example.

In short, why would I want to be freed from the freedom giver? No thank you, Dr. Dawkins.


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