Shield Your Faith Programs

Teens & Young Adults

Shield Your Faith (Teens): CSI Boot Camp
This program will allow your group to step into the shoes of an investigative team.  There will be a crime that your team will solve together as you compete with other teams to figure out the identity of the perpetrator.  In addition to this scenario, your teams will learn about and drill on the topic of evidence in general and evidence as it relates to the New Testament.  This is so important to us as followers of Jesus because there are many skeptics who make arguments that are not supported by any evidence.  As Christians, we all should know the great evidence for our faith.  In keeping with Jude 3 and 1 Peter 3:15 we should be ready to demonstrate the great reasons for our faith when confronted by skeptical attacks.  Not only will this strengthen our own faith but it will also allow us to speak to others who are struggling with their faith, and to those who embrace skeptical arguments.  In essence, it will enable us to dialogue with others about the Christian faith.  In addition to the drilling and investigative scenario, there will be a field training exercise where teams will compete against each other by navigating a course with targets and barricades (Nerf or paintball).  At the end of the sessions, others and I will testify about what Jesus Christ can do in one’s life and encourage participants to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Evidences for the Christian Faith
If the CSI Boot Camp is too much “fun” for your group, then we can sit down and talk over in a traditional setting what evidence is and what evidence is not. I will go over all of the information contained in the above track with you in a lecture style environment. However, active participation is necessary for optimal results!

Teen Camps and Events
Of all groups of church members, the teens are the most important group to reach with information on how to defend their faith as it has been reported from statistical research/polls that between 50% to 80% of Christian youth will leave the Christian faith after they begin to attend a secular college. It is well known that many secular college professors are openly hostile to the Christian faith and look for opportunities to denigrate it. In a youth setting, I will provide teens with the tools they need to protect their faith as they go off to attend secular colleges. A youth camp presentation can be custom designed for your youth group or a CSI Boot Camp experience can be integrated into your camp format as well.

Personal Testimony
 I will share my testimony with your group regarding how I came to a relationship with Jesus Christ at an early age and how this meaningful relationship assisted me in coping with growing up in a family with a mentally ill family member. I will also share accounts from my law enforcement career where I saw specific answers to prayer when I was investigating crimes and hunting for fugitives. I will testify to God’s provision for me in every facet of my life and encourage your group regarding difficult times that they may go through and how God will provide for you in every way if you will allow Him to participate in the trials that you face in life. I will then challenge your group to be the “hands and feet of Jesus” to others who are in need.