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Christ's Resurrection Video Clips

Did Jesus really die on the cross, or did he just swoon?
Did Jesus really die? Some claim he didn’t, he just swooned or that a disciple died on the cross instead. Is there any evidence to prove these claims? Shield Your Faith’s Ross Hickling answers these questions.

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Were the disciples hallucinating?
Some claim that Jesus did not rise from the dead, but the disciples were hallucinating. Could this be true? Ross Hickling with Shield Your Faith weighs in.

Humorous War Story
A brief war story from Ross's career. Someone who thought that he successfully got rid of his drugs. The simple evidence showing the drugs were his.

1 Corinthians 15:3 – Powerful evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Intermediate Evidence for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
What is ‘Intermediate Evidence’? How does it prove that Jesus rose from the dead? Retired U.S. Marshall, Ross Hickling, sheds light on the evidence.

Is there any evidence for the resurrection of Christ?
There are many different types of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ross Hickling with Shield Your Faith talks about examples of evidence.

Does the Resurrection of Christ have an effect today?

Powerful Resurrection Evidences