Recommended Books

  • "Inerrancy"
    Edited by Norman L. Geisler

  • "Canon of Scripture"
    by F.F. Bruce

  • "The Problem of Evil"
    by Marilyn McCord Adams &
    Robert Merrihew Adams

  • "Evil and the Justice of God"
    by N.T. Wright

  • "On Evil"
    by Thomas Aquinas

  • "The Case for the
    Resurrection of Jesus"
    by Gary Habermas & Mike Licona

  • "The Resurrection of
    the Son of God"
    by N.T. Wright

  • "Signature in the Cell: DNA and
    the Evidence for Intelligent Design"
    by Stephen C. Meyer

  • "Darwin's Doubt"
    by Stephen C. Meyer

  • "Darwin's Black Box"
    by Michael J. Behe

  • "The Privileged Planet:
    How Our Place in the Cosmos
    Is Designed for Discovery"
    by Guillermo Gonzalez and
    Jay Richards

  • "The New Evidence that
    Demands a Verdict"
    by Josh McDowell

  • "Baker Encyclopedia of Apologetics"
    by Norman Geisler

  • "Reasonable Faith:
    Christian Truth and Apologetics"
    by William Lane Craig

  • "Cold-Case Christianity"
    by J. Warner Wallace

  • "The Historical Jesus"
    by Gary Habermas

  • "Mere Christianity"
    by C.S. Lewis

  • "The Case for __________"
    by Lee Stroebel
    Entire series is recommended

  • "When Skeptics Ask:
    A Handbook on Christian Evidences"
    by Norman L. Geisler
    and Ronald M. Brooks

  • "I Don't Have Enough Faith
    to Be an Athiest"
    by Norman L. Geisler and
    Frank Turek & David Limbaugh

  • "The Abolition of Man"
    by C.S. Lewis

  • "Relativism: Feet Firmly
    Planted in Mid Air"
    by Francis Beckwith and Greg Koukl

  • "True for You, But Not for Me"
    by Paul Copan

  • "Truth Decay: Defending Christianity Against the Challenges of Postmodernism"
    by Douglas Groothius

  • "No Doubt About It: The Case for Christianity"
    by Winifried Corduan