Shield Your Faith Programs

Apologetics Training

Each of these program tracks stands alone; however, they may be combined together—in any quantity—to create a customized program for your event.

The Problem of Evil
This will be the most common objection that you will hear from atheists or skeptics as to why belief in God is irrational. This is also an area that troubles many Christians when bad things happen to them or their loved ones. I will explore common skeptical arguments and then provide several ways in which to effectively counter these arguments. I was surprised to find in the literature that philosophers do not often explore what the Bible says about this topic. This is one area that I have emphasized in my studies and would like to share with you what the Bible says about the problem of evil.

The Great Good
This track is related to the "Problem of Evil" track (see above). I am audacious enough to give God a nickname: I am going to call him the “Great Good” and I will prove to you why I believe that this is a good nickname for Him. In total contrast to those who point at the evil that is present in our world as inconsistent with a good God, I will point out many reasons why God can be considered as the “Great Good.” I will make my case from observations of the natural world around us, from identifying the design in the solar system that supports our existence, from the design of our bodies, from philosophy, and from the Bible. This track will be a mix of apologetic material and devotional meditation.

The Resurrection
The Apostle Paul tells us that if Christ has not risen, then our faith is in vain (1 Corinthians 15:14). A lot of ink has been spilled by skeptics who argue against the impossibility of a miraculous resurrection occurring in space and time. However, there is great evidence that the resurrection occurred in past history. Actually, there are several lines of evidence that robustly support the resurrection accounts of the New Testament. In addition to this evidence, there are also great reasons to believe that God still performs miracles today. I will explore this topic from an investigative perspective.

Athiesm and "New Athiests"
I will go over the general topic of atheism and its recent development with the advent of the “New Atheists.” How should we engage atheists? Are they our friends or enemies? I will also talk about some disturbing trends in the new atheism/militant atheism.

Origins, Charles Darwin, and Intelligent Design
In this track we will discuss the topic of origins as well from a Biblical perspective. Let’s talk about Darwin, his ideas, and his influence on modern culture. Then lets talk about intelligent design and other movements that are calling into question Darwin’s theory of mechanistic or naturalistic evolution (ie- evolution without any divine guidance).

The Relationship Between Science and Religion
In recent years, there are those who claim that science is the only realm where real truth can be ascertained and that religion should be considered mere opinion. I will go back in history to show the profound influence of religion upon science from the inception of science, provide examples of noted scientists and astronomers who were Christians, and show how the influence of religion on science persists even to this day. I will also discuss the rise of Scientism and how this religious view is held by many atheistic scientists and academicians.

Biblical Inerrancy
Let’s talk about Biblical inerrancy and the recent attacks against the Bible. Let’s go over in detail what skeptics are discussing about the Bible and how investigation reveals that these attacks can be refuted by considering the claims and comparing them with the content of the Bible. Let’s talk about how the Bible can be relied upon as being the truthful and inspired word of God that is still relevant to us today even after several millennia.

What is postmodernism and what influence does it have on our culture today? Is postmodernism eroding the concept of truth? Is there anything good coming from postmodernism? What should a thoughtful response be to postmodernism and how should we engage friends and family who have adopted this perspective?

CSI Boot Camp (Teens)
This track will be fun for kids of all ages. This program will allow your group to step into the shoes of an investigator who will inspect an actual crime scene that will be set up on your premises. With the assistance of role players (from your church or group), you will arrive at the scene of a crime, gather statements and collect evidence to “get to the bottom” of what happened. After you finish your investigation, you will make your reports, obtain your warrant for the arrest of the suspect and then shoot it out with him at his hideout with paintball or laser weapons (optional). After all of this action, there will be a short court presentation of the evidence in a court proceeding. All of this to educate your group on what evidence really is and what it is not. This is so important to us as followers of Jesus because there are many skeptics who make arguments that are not supported by any evidence. So, we can protect ourselves from these attacks by knowing the difference between good evidence and opinion/conjecture. In contrast to the information put forward by skeptics, we will go over how there are several lines of established evidence that support the New Testament accounts of Jesus Christ. So, I will share this important material and give proof as to why the most common arguments against the New Testament accounts of Jesus are not based upon evidence. The participants will then compete against each other as they drill themselves on this information in a “Jeopardy” style game. This track minimizes the lecture component and stress hands on learning. It will also be entertaining for participants to peek into the world of criminal investigation.

Evidences for the Christian Faith
If the CSI Boot Camp is too much “fun” for your group, then we can sit down and talk over in a traditional setting what evidence is and what evidence is not. I will go over all of the information contained in the above track with you in a lecture style environment. However, active participation is necessary for optimal results!